The Big Bounce, a big flop

One would hope that there was more to “The Big Bounce” (Warner Bros.) than its trailer let on, but that’s just not the case. All of the film’s laughs manage to fit in its 30-second trailer, and the story isn’t expanded much further than the premise provided by its previews.

The film tells the story of Jack Ryan (Owen Wilson), a drifter and criminal who moves to Hawaii and lands a job as a construction worker. Jack gets fired after causing some trouble on the job, and his bosses (Gary Sinise and Charlie Sheen) warn him to get off the island. A local judge (Morgan Freeman) gives Jack a new job and a place to stay, but it is not long before he is tempted to misbehave.

The principal temptress is Nancy (Sara Foster), a local with whom Jack is enthralled the first time he lays eyes on her. Conveniently, Nancy is attracted to bad boys like Jack, and the two of them begin to fill their days by frolicking around Hawaii and committing misdemeanors. Eventually she makes Jack an offer he can’t refuse, and they plot a heist that will rock the island.

The big problem with “The Big Bounce” is that it never engages the audience. The schemes are simple and unimpressive, and they are weighed down by too many mundane conversations. Of course, all this would not matter if there were some humor thrown in there, but the laughs are few and far between. It takes what seems like hours for anything interesting to happen, and when it does, the film is just about over.

There are a bunch of familiar faces in this film, but the audience is left to reminisce about when these actors played roles that were actually funny or exciting. Some beautiful shots of Hawaii manage to distract the viewer from the blandness of the film, but in general “The Big Bounce”leaves the audience wanting something much more than what it gets.

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