U-Wire Fall 2003

Louisiana Democrat could be youngest in Congress
Posted 4:30pm December 15

Bush defends foreign policy on London visit
Posted 10:37am December 2

Congress passes Medicare overhaul
Posted 10:28am December 2

Republicans call for votes on Bush judicial nomiations
Posted 10:11pm November 20

Kerry tries to regain spot as front-runner
Posted 10:00pm November 20

Malvo please ‘not guilty’ to captial murder
Posted 9:37pm November 13

Economy shows signs of improvement
Posted 9:30pm November 13

Democrats ‘Rock the Vote’ in Boston
Posted 2:00pm November 9

Support for Bush split 50/50
Posted 5:26pm November 6

Democrats debate in Detroit
Posted 6:10pm November 1

Bush makes Asian-Pacific tour
Posted 6:00pm November 1

Sniper suspect changes mind on representation
Posted 12:04am October 24

No Child Left Behind might hurt Bush
Posted 12:02am October 24

Iraq funding passes House, Senate
Posted 12:00am October 24

Administration changes direction on Iraq
Posted 10:57pm October 15

Gore, Lewis, TV stars headline Human Rights Campaign dinner
Posted 12:01am October 14

Recall signal against political establishment
Posted 12:54pm October 11

Graham drops out of Presidential race
Posted 12:50pm October 11

Immigrant freedom riders hit DC
Posted 7:54pm Oct 2

Bush speaks to international community
Posted 11:35pm September 24

Hurricane Isabel shuts down Washington
Posted 11:29pm September 23

Clark becomes 10th Democrat to enter presidential race
Posted 11:02p.m. September 17

College Democrats president endorses Edwards
Posted 8:36p.m. September 12

Bush judicial nominee drops out
Posted 9:50pm September 11

Bush visits troops in Iraq on Thanksgiving
Posted 8:00pm December 4

Gore endorses Dean
Posted 4:45pm December 15

Gay marriage could become issue in election
Posted 10:28am December 2

Democratic debate gets heated in Iowa
Posted 10:25am December 2

Sniper suspect found guilty
Posted 10:02pm November 20

U.S. speeds up granting Iraq sovereignty
Posted 9:57pm November 20

Dean opts out of public funding
Posted 9:32pm November 13

Woodward headlines Kalb report Monday
Posted 9:30pm November 13

Virginia continues to build case against sniper with physical evidence
Posted 5:30pm November 6

Toy gun scare has Capitol police reconsidering safety measures
Posted 5:20pm November 6

Report to say administration overstated threat
Posted 6:05pm November 1

Anti-war protestors converge on Washington
Posted 5:50pm November 1

‘Under God’ under fire
Posted 12:03am October 24

U.N. approves Iraq resolution
Posted 12:01am October 24

Younger sniper suspect to plead insanity
Posted 11:01pm October 15

Journalists discuss ethics of war, political reporting
Posted 10:54pm October 15

Democrats square off in Arizona
Posted 12:00am October 14

House passes partial birth abortion ban
Posted 12:52pm October 11

White House under fire amid leak allegations
Posted 12:47pm October 11

RIAA targets students
Posted 7:50pm Oct 2

AmeriCorps funding denied
Posted 11:32pm September 24

Bush asks for more money for Iraq
Posted 3:22pm September 19

President wants expanded Patriot Act
Posted 10:58p.m. September 17

President seeks help from United Nations
Posted 9:52pm September 11

Congress returns from recess with full plate
Posted 9:43pm September 11

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