Editorial: On the air

The future for a vibrant campus media community is now looking a bit brighter. GW-TV, now broadcasting on campus cable channel 6, represents a huge step toward the creation of a comprehensive broadcast news and entertainment outlet. It is an unprecedented step from an administration that has shown little creativity to foster this type of venture. This undertaking, spearheaded by students at GW-TV and graduate teaching assistant Robb Wood, represents only the beginning of a media outlet with virtually limitless potential.

One of the University’s main goals has been to foster the creation of a campus environment, and GW spirit. The growth and maturation of media outlets around campus has significantly aided in this endeavor. The campus radio station, WRGW, has grown significantly in the past few years. It plays in more locations on campus than in previous years and boasts more listeners. The Hatchet is currently celebrating 100 years of continuous publication and has reached its highest readership both in print and online. GW-TV will serve a broadcast media niche for which there is a high demand.

Because of its location, GW draws a tremendous amount of talented individuals in different media. Up until now, students interested in broadcast journalism sought internships in their respective fields to cultivate on-site job experience. The creation and expansion of GW-TV would provide talented GW students a method to get real world experience while generating a quality product for the campus community.

GW-TV represents tremendous potential. The SMPA must take steps to ensure that GW-TV is able to survive in its infant state, and grow into something truly substantive.

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