Letters to the Editor

Arabic improvement
It is about time that GW expands its Arabic program (“GW may add Mid-East Programs,” Nov. 3, 2003). I took Arabic language classes at GW for three years and saw the numbers in my class increase significantly each year.

By my senior year I, who had had just a couple of years of Arabic instruction, was stuck in a class with native speakers from Kuwait and other Arab-speaking countries. It was almost impossible for the professor to teach such a wide array of skill levels and very difficult for us to learn with a class of more than 20 students.

Now, at a time when people with Arabic language skills are in such demand, it seems obvious that a college that claims to have a competitive international affairs program would offer much more in the way of Arabic instruction than it currently does. Kudos to the administration for looking to improve the Arabic and Mid-East programs. Let’s just hope it is quality improvement.

-Kristin Wardell, Class of 2003

Hot in here
The past three days have been pure hell for students living in older halls. Without direct control of air conditioning we have been at the mercy of an unresponsive staff. Now in Guthridge specifically, we have central air and heat. Call me old-fashioned, but all it takes to turn on an air unit is flip a switch right? It’s not like you have to burn coal or anything to get it going. After spending an hour or so talking to the Critical Call Center (Who were actually helpful, in directing me to other people and for a fan), the best reason they have is that it is “policy.” After the heat has been turned on, then forget about air conditioning. Even if it gets up to 80 degrees in your room, suck it up. It’ll cool down – eventually. This is complete bull. How are we supposed to sleep in this heat? How about study? Even just moving around causes a sweat to break out. Yet policy is policy. I find it hard to believe that with the $7000+ students pay per year, that “policy” is not more flexible in regards to student comfort. But I guess our “prestige” university’s reputation is true. “They’ll do anything to get your money, but once they do, don’t ask any favors from them.”

-Brandon Patty, sophomore

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