SA Notes

Senators consider mandatory summer session

Student Association Vice President for Academic Affairs Drew Sindlinger addressed the Student Life Committee at its biweekly meeting Tuesday to address senators’ concerns about the Alternative Academic Calendar.

Senators said they are concerned about the impact a mandatory summer session would have on student groups. They said the SA would have to hold elections every semester, causing senators to spend more time campaigning than working for the students.

Sindlinger said the administrators are “keeping their ears open.”

“I think a lot of students are tense right now,” he said. “The administration is looking into how a new calendar will affect the student organizations and leadership of the campus.”

Bill calls for H Street safety

The SA Student Life Committee passed a bill Tuesday calling for H Street safety.

The bill, sponsored by Sen. Ben Traverse (U-CCAS), encourages the University puts speed bumps on H Street between 22nd and 23rd streets. Additionally, it encourages the SA “to encourage students to take the appropriate precautionary measures when crossing streets on campus.”

Student Life Committee postpones carbon monoxide detector bill

The Student Life Committee indefinetely postponed a bill encouraging CLLC to install carbon monoxide monitors in residence halls Tuesday.

Sen. Anyah Dembling (U-ESIA) said carbon monoxide detectors would be too sensitive for residence hall use. They could be set off if a car was idling for too long outside of the residence hall.

Dembling said she is planning to research a new piece of legislation that would address leaky gas stoves in residence halls. This semester Munson and JBKO Halls have been evacuated twice due to gas leaks, once specifically because of stoves.

Other possibilities for legislation include stove inspections and automatic shut-off valves, she said.

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