Oh Whoopi, you sooooo “baaad”

Whoopi Goldberg began her comedy routine on Saturday night by warning the crowd that she is a different type of comedienne.

“I tend to use different kinds of words, not everyday words,” Goldberg said, adding that she tries to teach people with words. “I think you should be able to say ‘fuck.'”

According to Whoopi, saying the F-word is better than saying ‘stupid,’ as along as you say it with love.

Goldberg is known for her roles in comedic and dramatic films such as “Sister Act” and “Ghost.” In these films, the actress and comedienne combined comedic timing and sassiness with honesty to cultivate a style I like to call “Whoopi Charm.”

She did not spare any of it in her performance for GW students and their families during Colonials Weekend. She talked about politics and feminine issues during youth and maturity centered around what she called her “pundanga.”

With smooth transitions, Whoopi alternated between the two topics throughout the show, referring to the absurdity of California’s governor-elect, Arnold Schwarzenegger.

“It’s like I’m in a Kabuki theater piece,” she said. “It’s the dumbing down of the political process.”

Goldberg said the only person for whom she could seriously consider voting was Gary Coleman.

She continued by saying that she would like to know if the president has sex.

“It takes the edge off. Perhaps if (Bush) had taken the edge off we wouldn’t have gone into Iraq quite so quickly,” Goldberg joked. She also poked fun at homeland security.

Then she returned to feminine issues, discussing her history with the Kotex, her sudden weight gain after turning forty, the pain of waxing the bikini area and the craze over plastic surgery.

Referring to the female menstrual cycle, she said, “My generation had little information to work with, but not today. You can just Google search it!”

Mocking her weight gain, she joked, “I’m stalked by my own ass.” She later described it as big, broad and delightful.

Goldberg reflected on having her pudendum waxed, saying that afterward it had “no character” and looked like a “barren wasteland.”

All jokes aside, Whoopi made some interesting comments during the Q-and-A portion of the show, if one could look past the vulgarity to notice them. Despite her mockery of Schwarzenegger, she said that everyone, including celebrities, has the right to run for office if candidates are informed individuals willing to take the steps necessary towards change.

The comedienne summed up her views, saying, “The beauty of getting old is lasting long enough to be old.”

Whoopi may be a little bit older and larger, but she is still able to coolly refer to herself as a “baaad bitch.”

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