Bar Belle: Lindy’s Red Lion

Carded: yep

Cover: nope

Dress: I guess so

Specials: Plenty

Like many GW students, my parents were in town this weekend. While a visit from the folks might cause great stress and anxiety for some, I rarely have that problem with my family. That’s because after over a dozen visits since freshman year, I know what to expect when my parents visit. Mom will bring me rolls of paper towels and toilet paper, and Dad will quiz me on classes and current events. We’ll visit a few museums, perhaps do some shopping, and go out for a few meals.

While I enjoy having the ‘rents in town, sometimes their visits come at the worst time. As with Parents / Colonials Weekends in the past, this year’s once again landed in the middle of midterms. As with all exam periods, I had to make a trip to Lindy’s. (Not like this GW landmark watering hole needs a reason to visit.) But I had my parents, aficionados of cheap beer and bar food, in tow, so it had to be a stress-free dinner. Right?

And it was, but how could it not be. Lindy’s is a GW institution, no matter what name you call it. With its rickety tables, neon signs, cozy bar and customary smell of alcohol and grease, Lindy’s is a place many have found as a home away from home away from home. Got all of that? It’s a place of 21st birthdays, hung-over mornings (you got to try the breakfasts — scrapple and all) and after-class gatherings.

While it’s funny to see a group of freshman studying at Lindy’s close to 11:30 p.m. on a Thursday night, while my table is contemplating another pitcher of beer, I know that one day they too will be my situation (and that of upperclassmen everywhere): resorting to drinking to dull the pain caused by studying.

Or ease the stress caused by having the parents in town. The crowd was minimal for it being a Friday, and a string of country songs played on the jukebox. But after just a pitcher of Foggy Bottom (which my parents didn’t like) and few Sean Paul songs on the jukebox, my mom was dancing in her seat.

That’s the great thing about Lindy’s, it unites the masses: students, parents and alumni, alike.

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