The pub next door

Whether it’s the pressure of academia, the workplace or just a serious bout of homesickness that’s weighing you down, there’s a place on campus where you can go to satisfy your hunger, quench your thirst and fulfill that need we all have to relax in the company of friends.

To quote the “Cheers” theme song, “Sometimes you wanna go where everybody knows your name, and they’re always glad you came.”

You can find all this at Lindy’s Red Lion.

On your first visit, make sure to bite into one of the best, most sensational, mouth-watering burgers you’ll ever taste. With so many options, there’s definitely something for everyone, even vegetarians, because any burger can be made with a veggie pattie. Soup up your burger with guacamole, cheese, barbecue sauce, salsa, blue cheese spread, bacon or even sour cream and refried beans. The 24 kinds of burgers are all wittily named with labels such as Acapulco, Neapolitan, Yogurt, Au Poivre, Capitol Punishment and Davy Crockett. And for those of you breaking a sweat about the endless possibilities from which you’ll have to choose, there’s always the classic hamburger and cheeseburger to fall back on.

But burgers aren’t the only thing that Lindy’s boasts. There’s an endless array of finger foods and subs (including a mean steak and cheese), and you can even order macaroni and cheese. Just make sure to get your hands on a basket of fries. After all, what’s a good burger, beef or veggie, without this classic companion?

For you pub crawlers, Lindy’s should definitely be your first, and possibly last, stop of the night. With cheap drafts and beer in a small yet cozy bar setting, you’ll quickly forget all the hassles of your hectic day.

Not only is Lindy’s wallet-friendly – many meals cost around $7 – but it can also be an extraordinary highlight in your social life as a place to meet and greet old friends and new. Since it’s right in the middle of the hustle and bustle of GW, you can often find quite a crowd of students and professors; whether it’s lunch hour, dinnertime or midnight.

The restaurant’s interior is a little cramped, but that gives the place a cozy, comforting feel. With seats downstairs, upstairs and outside, there are plenty of mingling opportunities. And the staff are more than cordial, they’re almost like friends.

Owner Lindy Adams is the glue that holds everything together and gives the venue its homey feel. Regulars know and appreciate her, and the staff does, too, which shows in their work ethic.

Adams said she’s “very blessed with a core of outstanding and responsible people” on her staff.

When it comes to the future of the restaurant, Adams has big plans. There is talk of expanding the restaurant to provide awnings for outside diners and more overall dining space. There’s also the possibility of Lindy’s accepting Colonial Cash in the near future; however, a lot will depend on extenuating paperwork and fees.

Lindy’s Red Lion may be a 27-year-old GW institution, but it continually alters its menu to accommodate the changing times and student needs. Adams is always open to suggestions. One thing the owner doesn’t plan on changing, however, is her policy of not allowing customers under the age of 21 to enter after 9 p.m. She says her main concerns are customer safety and preventing underage drinking – Adams and every manager and bartender at Lindy’s are trained in alcohol awareness, and there is always someone carding at the door after 9 p.m.

The food may be some of the greatest that the D.C. pub scene has to offer, but the main attraction at Lindy’s is the bar. If you’re a “frequent flier” at the restaurant, you’ve probably seen bartender Harold Kuhn smiling from behind the bar at one time or another. Even though he’s only been working there for a year and a half, he has come to call it home. Noting the “very few pretensions” from both the staff and clientele, Kuhn says his favorite thing about Lindy’s is the laid-back and stress-free environment.

Kuhn recommends the steak and cheese for good eats, with “The Foggy Bottom” and “Blue Moon” beers to wash it down.

Senior Laurie Davis has checked out the bar scene at Lindy’s but not frequently, primarily because it’s “not her crowd.” But Davis did enjoy her experiences there, especially the apple martini.

“The atmosphere is really cozy and it’s a great place to sit and have drinks after work,” Davis said, adding that she plans on going back.

Freshman Harry Mushlin, who has eaten at Lindy’s once, also plans on returning in the near future because the home-like atmosphere appealed to him. He ordered a tuna melt that reminded him of being home in Connecticut.

The politically active Mushlin said, “Lindy’s is, and will always be, a great place to eat before heading over to Crossfire.”

If you haven’t had the pleasure of eating at Lindy’s Red Lion yet, then make it a priority, because this classic GW institution can’t be skipped. So head over to 2040 I St., where they’ll always be glad you came.

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