Staff Editorial: SAC and student sentiment

We are pleased that the Student Activities Center withdrew its policy of mandating student organizations submit a list of members as part of the registration process. A senior vice president even said these lists posed dangerous consequences to student privacy and are nearly impossible to keep updated.

While retracting the policy is a positive step in responding to student feedback, SAC should strive to be proactive rather than reactive to student needs and concerns.

SAC must concentrate more on providing engaging programming for students rather than pursuing shortsighted bureaucratic initiatives, however well-intended they might be. This cannot be done merely through Web surveys, which is often the case with the SAC-funded Program Board.

Since SAC’s primary responsibility is to students, it must make a commitment to be the department least affected by red tape and most in-touch with student sentiment. For example, most students did not jump out of their seats to buy Beach Boys tickets for Colonials Weekend because the group performed in fall 2000.

SAC should not spend its time developing intrusive policies that upset students and some administrators. The department is in the unique position to serve as a conduit between students and the administration, and it should be utilizing this relationship more effectively. SAC should seriously seek student feedback to prevent this kind of situation from arising again.

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