Staff Editorial: The Hatchet Meter

Business School
A D.C. Court of Appeals ruling that waived city restrictions on construction until 2006 finally allows the administration to go ahead with the business school they “broke ground” on nearly a year ago – a much needed improvement. The ruling still left an opening for the city to invoke a restriction on underclassmen housing that could put the University in a bind. A spring decision may force GW to take freshmen out of the Hall on Virginia Avenue before it could continue construction on the business school.

Visiting Chef series
The prices are outrageous, but the visiting chef series that included Outback steakhouse and the upscale Galileo Italian cuisine at the Home Zone in J Street is a delicious break from the monotony of the traditional buffet surprise.

News that the city rejected the New Hampshire Avenue 7-Eleven’s attempt to fulfill student requests for 24-hour service was rectified when GW announced the planned installation of a new 24-hour 7-Eleven in Mitchell Hall. Any 24-hour food options near campus deserve praise.

GW television station
Though students are taking the initiative to form an online channel, administrators need to make a television station more of a priority. A school where so many students are interested in broadcasting should have a University-backed student television channel.

H Street safety
Another student hit by a passing motorist on H Street shows how dangerous H Street is between 21st and 22nd streets. Safety precautions are at a minimum and no solution seems at hand as students use the busy block as a giant crosswalk.

Student Group members list
A new Student Activities Center policy that requires all student groups to submit lists of their members is a dangerous precedent especially when administrators have yet to determine how the lists will be used. Students are worried these lists will be used to identify them with certain groups either by the University or outside law enforcement.

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