Letters to the Editor

We think the GW student body deserves some clarification. WRGW would like to offer this letter in response to recent articles published in the GW Hatchet.

First, regarding the letter to the editor titled “It’s About Time” (Oct. 2, pg. 5), broadcasting the Student Association meeting is an excellent idea – so excellent that WRGW negotiated with the SA at the beginning of the semester to do this. Tuesday night, Oct. 7, will be our first live broadcast of a meeting, and we have purchased state-of-the-art equipment in order to produce the finest product possible. We also record and archive each meeting in its entirety in order for the Senate to review their comments. Students can also access these archives if they cannot attend the meeting live.

Second, The Hatchet ran a front-page article detailing the creation of a GW television station (“Students to launch online TV station,” Sept. 25). In the article, the authors give the impression that WRGW is blocking the growth of GW-TV and is against this new broadcast medium. This implication could be no further from the truth.

In no way are we opposed to a TV station. In fact, we feel quite the opposite. We will gladly offer our guidance to our new broadcast partner since we are a completely student-run medium. Over the past 75 years, WRGW has operated as a model student group, fostering relationships with the administration that are now stronger than ever. It is our pleasure to offer any help that GW-TV may need to get started. We feel WRGW and GW-TV can work hand-in-hand to reach heights neither group could imagine.

The aforementioned article included this quote: “The University has space to broadcast on channel 22, among others.” It then goes on to mention that the University allows WRGW to broadcast over campus cable. There is no reason why channel 22 should be singled out. As of now, channel 22 serves as our conduit into the GW dorm rooms, and historically acted as our way of broadcasting to the GW community. We are also currently working on improving this channel so that it may better serve the student body by promoting campus and community events as well as our programming.

Finally, we would like to point out that this letter is not a personal venture. We write this on behalf of the 170 members of WRGW and firmly believe they would all compose a similar response. During our 75 years of existence, the students of WRGW have worked tirelessly and selflessly for the improvement of the George Washington University.

-Matt Stoker, senior, WRGW station
manager and Jon Megas-Russell,
junior, WRGW marketing director.

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