Hollywood visits the District

You heard the whispers. He’s here. Cameron Poe. Stanley Goodspeed. Castor Troy! That’s right folks. A Nicolas Cage movie is being filmed in town.
The movie is “National Treasure” and it’s a Jerry Bruckheimer production. In the film, Cage stars as an archaeologist on the hunt for a treasure buried by the founding fathers. An adventure flick directed by John Turtletaub (“Cool Runnings,” Disney’s “The Kid”), the movie is scheduled for release in summer 2004.
Knowing this, I set out on a quest to interview the man himself.
After narrowing it down to two places where I might find Nic (that’s right, first name basis). He was either going to be at the Ritz Carlton or the Four Seasons.

I put on nice pants, a collared shirt and real shoes. I was going to dress the part and be dignified, but God help me, I would not resist the opportunity to geek out if I saw him. Unfortunately, after a $20 glass of champagne, there was no Nic at the Ritz bar. After a complimentary 10 oz. bottle of Coke and these ungodly delicious cashews encrusted with brown sugar and what tasted like rainbows, there was also no Mr. Cage. That was fine. I was down, but not out.
I knew the crew was filming at the Daughters of the American Revolution Constitution Hall on Sturday. There were actors dressed like it was Colonial times again. There were horses and buggies everywhere. Then there was me in sandals, a sweatshirt and a back

pack. It was only about five minutes before a crew member inquired about my presence. I was subsequently told to get back behind the yellow police tape.
He didn’t show up. However, I did get to witness some very cool filming. Yesterday, I finally got in touch with someone official. I figured the stealth missions proved unsuccessful, so I might as well sell out and go legit.
Unfortunately, they weren’t allowing any press on set. And, Cage wasn’t even in D.C. – he was only doing shots in places like L.A. My dreams were crushed. But that’s okay. At least I got a free Coke.

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