Letters to the Editor

Something for professors to learn
It has come to my attention, that every one of my classes no longer begins with discussion of the chapter, an article, or lecture of any kind. Recently, the first ten to 20 minutes of class are devoted to the professor trying to figure out how to use the technology in the classroom. I think it would be less noticeable if this were the case during the first week of school, but teachers still don’t know how to use the technology necessary to educate.

It has gotten to the point where it is taking away from the subject material. Members of the faculty should learn to adapt to the new means necessary in order to enhance the learning environment. With an orientation program before the school year begins, professors can learn all that’s necessary to not look foolish and waste time in class. This program can save time in class and money with technicians. Students and faculty can then have a more productive use of time and learn more as a result.

-Jessica Rabinow, sophomore

September 11 lessons
As I stood with my arms and legs outstretched, a security official at Reagan National Airport waved her magic wand across all 5’2″ of my 98-pound stature. I could have sworn the metal detector didn’t release a sound, and yet I, as well as my belongings, were thoroughly searched as if I were a suspect on the FBI’s Most Wanted list. This was the second time in two weeks that this had happen to me, and as the light reflected off of the security official,’s weave into my eyes, it suddenly dawned on me. It was September 4th. How could I be so oblivious as to what was going on?

What a profound effect 9/11 has had on our country. An unfathomable tragedy worked its way into the hearts of every American and unleashed a feeling of insecurity, hatred and a betrayal of trust. And this trust would affect not only Americans but also every American Muslim. The backlash of these terrorist attacks resulted in hate crimes, prejudice in the work place, and unsubstantiated punishment by the government on innocent people. Most recently the INS is reported to have placed numerous South Asians in detention camps without any charges.

On September 11, the acts of man endangered the people of God – our lives as well as our democracy, but we must not forget that we are all from the same source, with the same obligation to live life to the best of our abilities. We are just as obligated to acknowledge the fact that a certain people is not the enemy. Islam is not the enemy. Muslims are not the enemy. The enemy lies within those few men who are audacious enough to take the life and liberty belonging to a higher being. Their actions may be out of our control, but our efforts should be put forth in strengthening our brotherhood amongst mankind. If we fail to do this we will only find ourselves at a loss, for it is only through those around us that we experience the beauties of life. It is our duty to educate ourselves about one another, to try to understand on another, and to ultimately, love one another.

-Ambareen Jan, junior, social chair, Muslim Students Association

Diversify opinion
Coming to GW, one often hears about the value of “diversity.” For a brief moment I believed that maybe the college setting would shine with true diversity both ethnically and ideologically, but sadly I was wrong. Since I have come to GW, I have picked up every Hatchet, hoping to learn a little about the student life and the feelings of the student body. Instead, I have been bombarded with such hatred for anyone holding a political view right of center. But Graham N. Murphy’s most recent letter beats them all in illogical ranting.

One would hope that a paper that sells itself as “independent” would occasionally include a counter to such poorly-written condescending hatred for conservatives, but that seems nothing more than a pipe dream. Mr. Murphy’s article, while pretending to “enlighten” us about what conservative’s fear, does nothing but provide rash generalizations. I must wonder whether Mr. Murphy ever even read Ann Coulter’s book, which points out that while the “persecution” by McCarthy at most, caused the loss of some prestige. But on the other hand, these wonderful leftists, so hated by McCarthy, were defending a man, Joe Stalin, who killed millions. Alas, it seems the Hatchet has little interest in true dialogue, and much like the main stream media before it, alienates those who refuse to buy the leftist idea behind everything. Real diversity, if practiced by the left, would welcome debate not fear-monger about the “evil” conservatives.

-Mark Harris, freshmam

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