Letters to the Editor

SA alienated
Former House Speaker Sam Rayburn was once quoted as saying, “You cannot be a leader, and ask other people to follow you, unless you know how to follow, too.”

The supposed leader of our University student body has demonstrated that he does not follow elementary parking laws. Signs are posted clearly as to where and at what time individuals can and cannot park on public roads. Vehicles parked too close to intersections and vehicles parked in lanes designated for the rush hour commute must at least be called a nuisance and at most, especially due to the volume of ambulance and fire vehicle traffic, be labeled life threatening.

It is true that the District of Columbia may aggressively ticket out of state vehicles, but it also grants tremendous leeway to parking appeals if vehicle owners choose to appeal tickets either in writing or in person. Booting a vehicle is costly and seldom administered.

The Student Association has done well in alienating a large portion of the University community over the years. Unfortunately, it seems clear that this trend will continue with its current leadership. In fact, now it seems that another segment of the University community can count itself as alienated – our law abiding, vehicle driving neighbors.

-Ari Mittleman, senior

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