Reviews: The In-Laws

Have you ever had to wear a thong in a hot tub with a French criminal just to get in good with your in-laws? If so, I pity you. If not, you are in for a treat with Warner Brother’s “The In-Laws.”

Starring Michael Douglas (“Don’t Say A Word,” “Traffic”) and Albert Brooks (“Mother,” “The Muse”), this high-flying picture is sure to have audience members rolling in the aisles.

Steve Tobias (Douglas), a daring CIA agent, and Dr. Jerome Peyser (Brooks), a mild mannered podiatrist, are about to become family. Tobias’ son and Peyser’s daughter are getting married. As soon as the fathers meet, there is trouble. The meek Dr. Peyser, lovingly called “Jer,” is sucked into a whirlwind of emergency landings, French smugglers and tandem jumps off rooftops. And he still try’s to plan his daughter’s wedding. Becoming inextricably tangled in a twisted CIA plot, he is armed only with his fear of heights, air horn and fanny pack. It all comes to a head when the United States government and smugglers show up at the wedding uninvited.

This is a “kick back and enjoy the ride” kind of movie. It does not require its viewers to think too much, just respond to the witty writing and hilarious one-liners. Almost every scene has a death-defying escape or side-splitting mistake. The action is good, and suits the purpose of the movie. The only problem with this film is that its plot is too far-fetched. Seriously, how many of us have dads who are “renegade agents” for the CIA? It seems a bit silly, but if you suspend your disbelief, “The In-Laws” comes out as an hysterical movie.

This is a great picture for the fun-loving action adventurer. It also works for someone who just wants to laugh. Whichever the case, buy the ticket and take the ride.

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