Reviews: Hollywood Homicide

L.A. is a place that scares me. What scares me is not the seedy atmosphere, but the fact that if I ever get killed there, a goof-ball like Josh Hartnett would be policing my corpse.

“Hollywood Homicide” (Columbia Pictures) is a movie based in some very generic concepts. Joe Gavilan (Harrison Ford) is the hard-nosed veteran police detective, his new partner, K.C. Calden (Josh Hartnett) is the rookie youngster that often gets in the way.

The two police detectives are interrupted from their side jobs, Joe a struggling real estate broker and K.C. a yoga instructor, to rush to the scene of a high profile gangland shooting. The movie makes frequent departures from the main plot, as both detectives seem more interested in side deals than detective work.

At times the film lets loose with some truly outrageous comedy. More often, however, it is the movie’s ability to make a viewer lightly chuckle at the duos inability to understand each others differing views on life.

Consequently,”Hollywood Homicide” has a rather skittish plot, often lacking a dedicated driving point. By the time the big moment comes to “get the bad guys”, it’s been pretty much forgotten that there was even a serious homicide case to begin with. Nevertheless, despite this rather large shortcoming, “Hollywood Homicide” still manages to be entertaining.

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