Beyond Thurston

The club scene may not be your cup of tea, but if you are under 21 and looking for something fun to do on the weekends, there are a variety of clubs just waiting to take your cover and stamp your hand.

Maybe you want to go to a place where you know you will see familiar faces from your residence hall floor. Or you might be in the mood to get dressed up and boogie with the opposite sex. Then again, you might just have the urge to play air guitar to AC/DC or other 80s music. No matter what your social style is, there is most likely a club in D.C. to
cater to your needs.

Apex (formerly Badlands)
1415 22nd St. NW

One of Dupont Circle’s less conservative gay bars, Apex features a huge dance floor, multiple bars, drag shows and a great karaoke night. Thursday is college night, and entrance is free with college ID. The doors open at 9 p.m., and clubgoers can party until 4 a.m. Apex is the party that keeps going until well after most Dupont bars have closed.

DJ Timothy Mykael keeps the dance floor going with a mix of cheesy, electronic music and the latest hits, while the back video bar shows pop and dance hits on numerous screens.

Cover is $8 before 10 p.m., then $10. 18 and above.

Bravo Bravo Nightclub
1001 Connecticut Ave. NW

Bravo Bravo is conveniently close to Thurston Hall, located near the Farragut North Metro stop. The walk down 19th Street will help you avoid cab fare. It’s a cavernous club with a huge dance floor – much bigger than the Connecticut Avenue location would lead you to believe. On weekends, when clubgoers must be 18 and older, the club is packed with a college-to-late-20s crowd. On Friday nights, Bravo Bravo caters to an international bunch and on Saturdays salsa dancers mob the floor. Dress is upscale casual – look good or you might not get in. Leave
your Nikes at home.

Club Daedalus
1010 Vermont Ave.

Walk down the marble steps and enter the swanky contemporary-style nightclub. The main sitting area includes comfortable couches, booths and tables, lit by candles and dim lighting, and is located around the sunken dance floor (where you can dance to a mix of hip-hop, techno and pop). There is a separate VIP area, complete with designer furniture and lighting, which can be accessed by reservation. There is a hefty price tag for cover unfortunately, usually around $10.

Proper attire is required – no jeans, sneakers or athletic wear.

Club Five
1214B on 18th St. NW

This club plays a variety of music ranging from hip-hop to reggae to funk to dance, but specializes in mellow house beats. Although admission is often free, it is a 21 and older club. Unlike some other clubs, you’re not likely to encounter crowded, sweaty dance floors, as many people opt to lounge over dancing. With a slightly older clientele, Five aims at an upscale, ultra-cool image with a fairly relaxed vibe.

Club Insomnia
714 Sixth St. NW

Insomnia’s five floors makes it seem more like several clubs in one, atmospheres range from blaring hip-hop and top forty hits, to beating strobe lights and house, to zesty Latin mixes. Despite the musical eclecticism, it has a fairly uniform clientele of young, upbeat clubgoers who come prepared to dance.

Insomnia is a little pricey at $10 for 21+ or $15 for 18+. Insomnia is always 18+ with a no jeans/tennis shoes dress code, and a dress-to-
impress attitude.

1015 Half St. SE

Nation has been ranked as one of the best clubs in the country. The large venue includes two warehouse-type dance rooms and an upstairs VIP section with an open rooftop deck for nice weather. Unlike some other clubs, Nation offers a little more variety, with its notorious “Alchemy” (goth) nights on Thursdays and “Velvet” (gay) nights on Saturdays.

The crowd is of all ages. As far as attire, anything goes. The goth, raver, hippie and gay scenes all have their place at this nightspot. Nation features cutting-edge techno with drum and bass rooms, varieties of house and trance, electroclash, breaks, jungle and special event parties that bring in DJs from all over to spin legendary sets.

Admission is $15, so if you’re there, be sure to go into the bathroom to load up on blow pops or jolly ranchers.

The 9:30 Club
815 V. St. NW

The 9:30 Club is the place to see cool, live bands in D.C. Although the acts are not usually huge headliners, they bring in quality artists, give exposure to up-and-coming bands and have a loyal punk and hardcore base. Live acts stretch all over the musical spectrum, but generally lean towards more alternative-type shows.

Be sure to check out the upcoming schedule online at Tickets usually range
from about $10 to $30.

915 F St. NW

Partiers at this large and lavish hot spot move to house, trance, hip-hop and salsa music. Thursday is college night, and you only have to be 18 to enter. If you arrive before midnight, there is no cover with student ID. After midnight, cover is $10. Hip-Hop spins on the main level and house and Latin are in the basement. You will see manystudents out here in at the start of the year.

Doors open at 10 p.m.

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