Staff Editorial: Mutual grief

“We extend our sincerest thoughts and prayers for both of these young people … We also pray for the strength of their families and loved ones to help them move through this most terrible tragedy.” -University of Maryland President Dan Mote

We share the sentiments of President Mote concerning Friday’s tragedy when a City Hall resident took his own life after gravely wounding a University of Maryland female. We withhold judgement, and hope others will, too, as very few people understand the context behind this terrible incident.

Specifics aside, this is a very difficult situation for many students. We grieve along with the GW and Maryland communities and appreciate the needs of those who might be confused or hurt by the tragedy.

This incident can serve as a reminder to members of both campuses to look out for their fellow students. While we do not know the state of mind of the young man who attempted to take a woman’s life along with his own, there may have been warning signs that were unknowingly overlooked.

The University offers a comprehensive counseling service for those who question their own mental health or the mental health of those they care about. It is easy to overlook the problems of others. But, if it is possible to prevent a similar incident in the future, it is definitely worth taking a few minutes and talking to a counselor if you are worried about yourself or someone else.

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