Women’s Policy Caucus debates funding equality

The current controversy surrounding Title IX and funding of men’s and women’s collegiate athletics was debated at the first-ever Women’s Policy Caucus Discussion in Mount Vernon’s Post Hall Tuesday night.

The event, attended by seven students, featured two experts with opposite views on women’s equality in sports, Wendy Berutto from the National Association for Girls and Women in Sports and Deborah Perry from the Independent Women’s Forum.

The National Association for Girls and Women in Sports is a group that advocates Title IX and does not think any changes or amendments to the law are necessary.

Berutto said “Title IX is fine the way it is,” but suggested extra funding given to “revenue-generating” men’s teams like basketball and football is the real reason so many men’s teams have been cut in recent years, not Title IX.

The Independent Women’s Forum, on the other hand, is calling for the revision of Title IX.

“Looking at the original intent of the law and where we are today, we want to provide fairness for both men and women, but not at the expense of the men’s teams,” Perry said.

The debate covered social aspects that affect the number of women in sports and why females are less likely than men to continue onto college level sports.

“Boys have the expectation to go on to the college level. It’s not so much expected of girls,” freshman Elizabeth Hill said.

Founded earlier this semester by junior Tiana Butcher, the Women’s Policy Caucus Discussion will be held once a semester and is set to continue in 2003-04.

“There is a lot of partisan and specific issue-based initiative on campus, but not many opportunities to discuss policy issues,” Butcher said.

Those in attendance considered the inaugural event successful.

“I thought it was great,” freshman Kate Resnevic said. “I thought it was really interesting to hear both sides of the perspective.”

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