Letters to the editor

Unsaid benefits of AC
In the Hatchet article “CLLC cuts AC position in halls,” (Feb. 27, p. 2) the article failed to interview actual administrative coordinators to get their take on the responsibilities of their position and their opinions on the elimination. I understand the need for cutbacks, but as a current AC, I would like to also argue the benefits of the position, something the article did not do. One student was quoted in the article as saying, “If they are going to have the AC position, they should be available when needed.” My co-workers and I can attest to the fact that we are there when needed. As an AC, we respond to nighttime lockouts, floods, fires and basically any other urgent situations. Also, if students have questions about severe weather, emergencies or even terrorism, we are trained to answer those questions. My experience as an AC this year has been worthwhile, and I feel that as a group, the 16 of us have contributed to the Community Living and Learning Center and have met many of the needs of upperclassmen students.
-Shaina Jones
administrative coordinator, New Hall

Involve students
While I am pleased to read that another student has finally been admitted to the trimester study committee, I cannot help but think that this process has been flawed from the beginning. Having only two students represent the entire student body (one up until a week ago) is shameful. GW President Stephen Joel Trachtenberg’s statements to the effect that students could not contribute anything useful to the discussion and now that he does not think Student Association President Phil Robinson has enough background to contribute anything are insulting and degrading. If Robinson (as well as some more students) had been on the committee from the very beginning Trachtenberg would not have to worry now about putting someone on the committee who “doesn’t have all the background.”

Still, I can see why Trachtenberg would be concerned that Robinson wouldn’t have all the information he needs. I have seen little, if any, information given out about the proposed trimester system. This seems to indicate the administration is trying to pull the wool over the students’ eyes. Trachtenberg and the rest of the administration would do well to remember that the students are the reason for the existence of this University in the first place and that they should not be treated in such a cavalier manner.
-Grant LaCamp
graduate student

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