Metro cruiser hits pedestrian

A Metropolitan Police cruiser ran a stop sign and hit a pedestrian at 24th Street and New Hampshire Avenue early Saturday, a witness said. The pedestrian was taken to the GW Hospital emergency room by ambulance. MPD officials declined to release the name of the pedestrian pending investigation, and it has yet to be determined if the pedestrian is affiliated with the University.

The male pedestrian, who was wearing a long black coat, lay motionless in the street for a few minutes after the incident until help arrived, the witness said.

Detective John Paprcka of MPD’s Second District said the pedestrian was treated for injuries and would fully recover. Paprcka declined to comment further, citing an ongoing investigation of the accident. GW hospital officials also declined to comment.

The pedestrian was hit while crossing New Hampshire Avenue, near 7-Eleven at about 2:15 a.m., said junior Mosheh Oinounou, who witnessed the accident while walking home to City Hall. Oinounou is news managing editor at The GW Hatchet and the only uninvolved witness, police said.

Oinounou said the pedestrian appeared oblivious to the oncoming MPD cruiser, which turned on its sirens shortly before hitting him. Oinounou said the pedestrian seemed to expect the cruiser to stop at the stop sign.

But the car did not stop at the stop sign and struck the pedestrian, who hit the hood and windshield before landing 15 feet in front of the cruiser. Oinounou estimated the cruiser was traveling at about 30 miles per hour.

The grill of the cruiser was visibly broken, the hood was dented and the windshield was cracked.

Additional MPD units, several University Police cars and an Emergency Medical Response Group vehicle responded to the scene. The pedestrian was treated on the ground for several minutes before being taken to the emergency room.

“I would say it’s kind of concerning that MPD is hitting pedestrians,” Oinounou said. “I am definitely going to look back and forth a few times before crossing the street in the future.”

Last October, an MPD cruiser struck a female as she was crossing 23rd street. The student was treated for minor injuries at GW hospital.

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