Letters to the Editor

When will it stop?
It is not enough that a witch-hunt ended the career of seven-term Student Association Sen. J.P. Blackford. It is not enough that no fewer than eight Senators have resigned from the Senate. Now, successful programming, such as the Farmer’s Market, that has been sponsored and supported by the Senate is coming under fire. Does it ever stop?

Isn’t it curious that Vice President of Judicial and Legislative Affairs Justin Oshana did not once interview Executive Vice President Eric Daleo about the Farmer’s Market funding, and nonetheless wrote up a report condemning the funding. He did this without full knowledge that the Senate budget, which included the funding for the Farmer’s Market, was approved by all four committee chairs.

Isn’t it curious that Sen. Mark Hershfield and the SA Executive would bring sanctions for organizing and supporting one of the most popular and successful student endeavors that has taken place this year?
Isn’t it curious that SA elections are less than a month away? What does Hershfield stand to gain at this point? It saddens me that the SA executive would be party to his vendetta and attempt to sabotage Daleo’s re-election bid.

With all of the needless scandal and animosity that has pervaded the SA this year, I find it incredibly disheartening that now Hershfield and the SA executive have nothing left to attack except for the programs that have actually worked.
-SA Sen. Blake Elizabeth Newmark

Still not done
While the Elliott School enters round 500 of its construction phase, I rise every morning in my 1957 E St. room to an anthem of clashing metal on cement. To add to the daily routine, nothing starts my day more than hearing the catcalls of a dozen construction workers complementing my big, round, beautiful “eyes” in three different languages. My experience has, nonetheless, been overshadowed by walking out of the shower last October and finding three construction workers working on my apartment. On a similar note, my default relationship with the fire department is entirely attributed to the high intensity smoke detectors that sound alarm at the first sign of a lit match. I wish next year’s 1957 E St. potential residents the best of luck as they see the completion of the Elliott School building – maybe.
-Arina Lekht

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