Letters to the editor

Are you serious?
I would like to take the opportunity to thank the highly acclaimed Provisions marketing team. The Panty Roses were really a nice touch. I mean, as students we should not expect to have things available that we really need, such as fresh vegetables or ripe fruit. But if I need silk underwear, I know where to go. Honestly, could one find something tackier to sell? Bread, pies and gourmet underwear – what more could a college student want? I find it hard to believe that people sit around deciding to sell items such as baby dolls, toy cars and other inane items and fail to stock it with the essentials. I personally would rather have vegetables that are not the Safeway leftovers, fruit that actually has seen the light of day, and for Gods sake, can someone please stock plain yogurt? As a senior I have enjoyed Provisions Market – all seven square feet that it occupies. But it is a comforting thought that with increasing tuition, failing Webmail and a future consisting of selling my soul to pay back loans, I know that I can use my parent-funded points to impress my boyfriend. There is nothing like whipping out the Panty Roses when that special moment commences. I hear you, Trachtenberg.

-Heather Murphy

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