Battle of the Sexes

I had the perfect relationship with this guy for awhile – we were crazy about each other and would do anything to make the other happy. So when he asked to borrow money for making spring break plans, I automatically loaned it to him. Then, he dumped me out of the blue a few weeks later, and now I’m out almost $500. What do I do now? How do I get my money back? ~Broke

Chick: Unfortunately, I don’t know how much I can help you with this one. Unless he signed a paper proving that he borrowed $500, I don’t know if there’s any legal action you can take. The next best thing to do is approach him, ask to talk to him alone, and then tell him that you really need that money. Explain that you loaned it to him because you really cared about him, and that you’re hoping that he cares enough about you now to repay you. If this guy is decent at all, he will repay you, but please don’t get your hopes up. If he really dumped you “out of the blue,” then perhaps once he got what he wanted, (spring break funds), he bolted. That’s a terrible thing to experience, but every once in awhile you come across a bad apple, and even if that apple cost you $500, you learned the very important lesson that you should never, ever loan large sums of money to your significant other just in case something like this happens.

Dick: Well obviously it wasn’t the perfect relationship if he dumped you out of the blue, but besides that, I’m sure you guys were a peachy couple. Normally guys aren’t big on repaying ex-girlfriends, especially when the sum is 500-dollars. The first option is to ask nicely, and then to beg. Then you are in trouble, because unless you have some good info to blackmail him with, like that he is hung like a gerbil, it’s gonna be tough. Hey think about it this way, at least your money will be going to a good cause like helping him get over you with a bunch of loose girls on spring break.

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