Battle of the Sexes

Question: “Mike” and “Sarah” and I are all best friends and have always hung out together. But now it’s all about to change. Mike recently admitted to me how much he liked me, but hadn’t said anything sooner because he was scared of losing our friendship. I told him I’d been feeling the same way, and now the only problem is how do we tell Sarah that we’re dating? We’re scared she’ll feel like the third wheel and won’t want to hang out with us anymore. Any ideas? ~Stuck

Chick The only way to prevent Sarah from feeling like the third wheel is to not act like she’s one. One of you should first tell her so that she doesn’t feel like you are ganging up on her. Approach her when it’s just the two of you and tell her that you have liked Mike for awhile and have now found out that he feels the same way. Then let it sink in and be honest: tell her that you don’t want to lose or alienate her. Best case scenario – she tells you she knew all along and she’s ecstatic. Worst case scenario – she’s jealous and worried she’ll be left out. Let your actions show her that she shouldn’t be worried. Make time to still hang out with her doing the things you normally would. Just cut out the PDA and prove that even if things have changed, the fact that you’re all best friends hasn’t.

Dick Sarah may not be thrilled at the beginning, but sometimes nature takes its course and you have no choice but to go along with it and do what your loins tell you to do. If she truly is a good friend, then she won’t cock-block you. As I see it, she will understand, maybe not right away but soon. You should tell her sooner rather than later, so that she doesn’t feel left. Speaking of left out, as she gets more comfortable it might offer a good situation to try new things. Sometimes the craziest things happen with the people closest to you … who knows what doors this could open, before long you guys may all be closer and solve Sarah’s lack of a significant other.

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