Staff editorial: Resolutions for GW

It is 2003 and time to make a fresh start. To help the University start the new year off right, The Hatchet has compiled a list of the top 10 New Year’s Resolutions for GW to help address common student complaints.

10. Stop nickeling and diming students who pay so much in tuition already. Between the Health and Wellness Center, printing, additional package delivery, graduation and SMPA fees, students, and parents, have had enough.

9. Invest in professors. GW just spent more than $100 million on the new Elliott School building and Townhouse Row alone. The next big investment should be in quality full-time instructors.

8. Improve the library. Last year Gelman library had the 92nd largest collection out of 113 of the largest research libraries. This is unacceptable at a school we consider to be among the top.

7. Fix Webmail for good. Improvements are in the works – all we ask is to be able to check e-mail on Sundays.

6. Improve 4-RIDE response time. It is an important service on campus that students actually appreciate, but its popularity is creating absurd wait times on weekends. It might take more vans or more operators, but it is worth the investment.

5. Fix dangerous elevators. Some, like the International House elevators, are downright scary. Its 2003, let’s go for elevators that work on a consistent basis and do not get stuck with students inside.

4. Book a strong Commencement speaker – somebody students know and will get excited about.

3. Fix mail delivery and reevaluate the package centralization system – nobody likes it.

2. Extend Health and Wellness Center hours. Work with the city, this is a good idea that will not affect neighbors as much as they think. A college student’s day does not end at 10 p.m.

1. And finally, the most important resolution. Get into the U.S. News & World Report Top 50.

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