Letters to the editor

The whole Roman mile

Regarding Robert Trakas’ earnest Nov. 14 letter “No GW Dictatorship” (p. 4) and San Frantz’s Nov. 11 letter “ROTC Coup” (p. 4), I feel obliged to comment upon the GW political climate from the enviable vantage point of an alumnus. Trakas too naively writes “the processes of debate and sharing that lead to advancement,” merely echoing the uninspired pro-democracy claptrap that inspires no one. The Student Association’s track record almost makes African “democracy” seem preferable – at least Mobutu dressed snappily. You would never find Idi Amin taken to task for failing to charge pizzas properly.

But I must also fault Frantz, a member of the “Navel (sic) Reserve Officer Training Corps.” Frantz’s inability to spell correctly the name of the military organization illustrates the inherent problem with putting the military in charge of anything. It seems to me because President Stephen Joel Trachtenberg comports himself in a fashion more befitting a Roman emperor than a university president, we might as well go the whole Roman mile and abolish the executive branch of the SA in favor of an imperial seat to be amply filled by Trachtenberg.

Naturally, Emperor Stephen would be beholden to the military to keep down the populous, which, in turn, would be appeased by massive festivals (think Spring Fling or Fall Fest with more and better free food). Friction amongst the masses would be quelled by an increase in circuses and the military would be kept busy with a program of relentless territorial conquest, which hardly stretches the imagination in Foggy Bottom. The SA Senate would be retained, but its powers would be reduced to budgeting for campus-wide bacchanals. Kogan Plaza would be renamed the Imperial Forum. Junior faculty members would be made to fight one another to the death for tenure, and toga parties would become mandated.

-Jon K. Williams
CCAS ’02

Students should decide

With the imminent closings of the post office and Colonial Computers in the (Marvin Center) basement following this fall semester, I hope that University administrators and financial planners will take greater interest and consideration of its students’ interests and their proposed endeavors. Will it only be a matter of time before STA Travel follows in the footsteps of its neighbors and falls victim to financial disappointment and departure?

On only rare occasions have I passed by and witnessed customers in the Provisions II and observed students making purchases. I think most students would agree that there is a stronger demand for more space in the always crowded-to-capacity Provisions. After overhearing some mentioning of ideas for the creation of a beauty salon, I gasped and then pondered its ridiculousness. However, after doing some minor research, I learned that the Marvin Center did used to have a barbershop, but then again, that was in the 1970’s.

Now is the time to offer stronger consideration for student discourse and place their ideas into action before more concessions and University-run businesses close down. I think most students will happily agree that what the Marvin Center really needs is a nationally-recognized bank branch such as First Union and the most obvious (food venue), Krispy Kreme.

-Evan Rosenthal

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