BAR BELLE: Oh those drunken summer nights…..

Old Glory
3139 M St.
Dress: Cowboy boots and denim
Cover: None
Carded: At the bar

It’s hard for me to tear up a bar. I really love to drink, so anywhere that serves alcohol is fine by me. Truth be told though, I’m not to thrilled with the new winterized version of Old Glory.

I was in D.C. all summer. My parents thought it was ‘cause I had an internship. My friends thought it was ‘cause I wanted to live with them. No. It was ‘cause I wanted to be the hero. Without the distraction of classes, I could seek out the best bars and lead all my recently-of-age friends to all the hot spots when September rolled around.

Old Glory is cool during the summer. The smell of Savannah barbecue sauce wafting through compliments the aroma of bourbon that emanates from the 70 or so bottles they keep behind the bar. Scantily-clad interns slut themselves out on the rooftop deck. The sun sets right as happy hour ends, and no one has anything to do.

But it’s cold in the winter. The smells don’t waft as well in 30-degree weather. The sluts are there, but are few and far between and bundled in turtlenecks. It gets dark out at 2:30 p.m. And I have mad stuff to do.

There was always a TV with a game on in my sight line. The American flag and wood-cabin decor made me feel oh-so-patriotic and the sparse crowd just meant shorter waits for my friends and me at the bathrooms and at the bar.

As far as drinks, the bartenders are friendly but I was not so impressed with the options on tap except Sammy A and Yuengling. I recommend the “snake bite”(half beer, half cider with a little grenadine sprinkled on top). But in the winter, stick to Old Glory for the pulled chicken and the ribs, not for the nighttime crowds.

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