SA Notes

SA passes student life resolutions

The Senate passed legislation concerning academic and student concerns at their meeting Tuesday night.
The body passed a resolution to “research and publicize the nutritional value of the food options on campus and to make recommendations for improvement.”

It also passed resolutions encouraging the University to develop an identification system that does not use Social Security numbers, continue instruction of American Sign Language and replace damaged and defaced bathrooms in academic buildings.

Community leader speaks about GW expansion

As a part of Executive Vice President Eric Daleo’s effort to get the Senate more involved with those in the community, Foggy Bottom Association President Ron Cocome spoke with and answered questions from senators Tuesday. With more than 600 members, the FBA is the oldest group representing the Foggy Bottom/West End neighborhood and has argued in recent years against the University’s expansion within the community.

Cocome outlined the FBA’s plan to combat the University’s growth, which includes fixing campus size and enrollment and forcing GW to require all its students to live on campus. Cocome noted his organization was not upset with students, but rather a “predatory, corporate University made up of businessmen, not educators.”

Senate confirms new members
The Senate confirmed numerous executive branch officials and the graduate student senators Tuesday night. The senate confirmed Marissa Spann as vice president of graduate student policy, Michelle Ready as director of transfer students and freshman Carrie Warwick to head up Mount Vernon Affairs.

The Senate appointed first-year law students Dan Ericson and Tracy Schampers to the recently-vacated graduate-at-large Senate seats, Janae Lepir (Law) and Megan Morris (SMPH) were selected for the two open non-voting first-year graduate seats. Jessica Duffy (MCGB liaison) and Omar Woodard (U-ESIA) were chosen to serve as the Senate’s representatives to the Joint Committee of Faculty and Students.

The next Senate meeting will take place Dec. 3 in Marvin Center 403 at 9 p.m., while the next SA Town Hall meeting is scheduled for Dec. 10 from 8 to 9:30 p.m. at Gelman Library to discuss academic issues.

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