BAR BELLE: 21 on 21, or how to corrupt a newly ordained drinker

Marshall’s Bar and Grille
2524 L St NW
Dress: Casual
Cover: None
Carded: At the bar

My night ended up where most 21st birthday parties end up, in the toilet. Fortunately, it wasn’t me throwing up. You’ll be surprised to hear, dear reader, that I the Bar Belle was the responsible one this particular evening. Being relatively sober at my friends 21st birthday, I realized a few things that make 21st birthdays the best days ever invented.

Great thing number one is that 21st birthdays are a reason to put everything else on hold. Classes? Not important. Homework? Ha! Meetings, commitments, sleeping … everything else falls second to this watershed event in a young person’s life.

Great thing number two is that you are expected to act like an idiot. It is a given that you will vomit and pass out. With 100 percent certainty you will quiet everyone in the bar to proclaim your own greatness at having completed this great honor, turning 21. Nine times out of 10 you will take off your clothes, and more likely than not you will make unwanted sexual advances on ALL of your friends, male or female, single or taken, slammin’ or, well, busted.

The Darkhorse did not understand. They shut their lights off in our face and then waved. An unnecessary touch I think. Where to turn in a situation like this? What’s one place that has no regard for rules, morals or closing time?

Ahhh, Marshall’s. Famous for the seven-person bust earlier this year, the quaint little pub on the corner of 25th and Pennsylvania is a perfect place to spend a weeknight getting drunk. The outside is well known for its bright green awning while the inside looks transported from England, with all its dark wood paneling, mirrored walls and tall bar tables. It’s Monday night happy hour special of half-price burgers and appetizers is excellent, especially since they are regularly very pricey. So is the beer, except the beer of the month that you can get for $2.50 a bottle.

The best part about Marshall’s – it really is the corner bar where everybody knows your name. When you haven’t shown up for a while they ask you where you’ve been. When you desperately need a place to party, they’re open. And when you want to stand behind the bar and slam down your 21st shot of the evening, they are more than accommodating.

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