Staff editorial: Working for who?

In the Student Association opera-like saga of lies, deceit, theft, blackmail and slimy politicizing – which continues to unfold – it is obvious that several SA leaders are doing a deplorable job of representing students. They are instead engulfed in shameful small-time politics that waste SA time and resources and further portray the ineptitude of student government at GW, with which students provide a budget of more than $400,000.

The latest act involves Sen. Don Jacobsen (G-CCAS) resigning and simultaneously answering requests for more transparency and accountability in the SA. In an eight-page manifesto he released over e-mail upon his resignation, Jacobsen provided his insight into the underworld of SA politics. He details including a scheme by several senators to impeach SA President Phil Robinson as early the beginning of the semester. Jacobsen should be commended for his sorely overdue resignation stemming from his participation in shady SA politics and his attempt to shed more light on misdeeds of other SA leaders. A political science Ph.D. candidate in his mid-30s, Jacobsen unnecessarily involved himself in and drew others into a myriad of political debacles that are unjustified and a waste of time in a student government.

It is time for others in the SA, notably nine-year Sen. J.P. Blackford (G-SEAS), Executive Vice-President Eric Daleo and Sen. Dan Moss (U-SBPM) to do as Jacobsen has done – tell the truth and reconsider their future in the SA. They are preventing the SA from providing any substantive benefits to the student body.

Does this mean other students should resign from the SA? In the case of Moss, yes. His sneaky dealings prove he is unable to get past petty politics. Evidence suggests that Moss has been involved in a plot to impeach Robinson from office since September. Just last week he was involved in a bizarre scare-tactic, in which he indicated that he tape-recorded a conversation with Robinson. Moss claimed he pulled the move to hold Robinson accountable for misleading statements.

Who are Moss and others with similar tactics helping by their actions? Certainly not the students. They are performing a disservice to the students by perpetuating such nonsense. Moss represents 1,400 business students, yet his actions are unbecoming of a representative of any school – particularly one concerned with ethics.

Instead of bringing problems with Robinson’s actions to Robinson himself or to the student body who elected him, SA senators resorted to impeachment plots. They drafted the grounds for impeachment right away, instead of indicating a problem with those who could fix it. These senators resorted to politicizing instead of beginning an open and honest debate.

Student apathy toward the SA will not be swayed until the organization starts to actually help students. As of now, the student government is simply caught up in a world of politics nobody cares about. Students do care, however, about issues such as a faulty mail system and appropriate funding for deserving student groups – issues the SA could affect. Until certain members of the SA realize the damage their politicizing does to the student body as a whole, the SA will remain the inept group it appears to be.

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