On the style radar

Between exams and homework, another problem plagues GW students – the age old question of what to wear. The Hatchet took the same 100 men and 100 women sampled in a previous survey over the course of two days in classrooms, Funger Hall and J Street. We asked the student body a variety of questions – what do you think looks good on guys? What do you think looks good on girls? Where do you find out about the latest styles and trends? Once again, our answers were as varied as the student body.

When it comes to what girls thought looked good on guys, our responses ranged from buttoned down “put together” preppy looks from stores such as J. Crew, Abercrombie and Fitch and Polo to “mod” and vintage looks from local thrift stores, Diesel and Urban Outfitters.

Men’s responses to what they liked on women were far less imaginative, including tight jeans, black pants, short skirts and fitted shirts.

How students find out what is “in” this season depends on the particular student. Many students look to major fashion magazines such as Vogue, In Style and GQ for what’s hot this winter. Some look to television shows such as “Sex and the City” and programs on E! Entertainment television. Others use their friends or personal observations when looking for style – they see something they like and put it together in their own image.

“I like taking the best of everything I see and creating an entirely new look,” senior Alicia Trider said. “Piecing together a top I see on ‘Sex and the City’ with pants from a vintage store, equaling something totally new and totally different.”

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