Letter: Don’t miss conservatives

I certainly do miss GW for numerous reasons, but the irrelevant ranting of conservative students is definitely not one of them. In response to the news piece on Bush’s visit (“Bush speaks on campus,” Oct. 17, p.1), I would just like to note that an educational institution blessed with the abundant resources of Washington, D.C. should be an open forum for thoughtful debate. It should not be a barbaric arena in which to shout comments about personal hygiene. If I wanted to hear that kind of stupidity, I would just turn on a trashy talk show.

Students on both sides of the spectrum are guilty of disengaging in conversation with each other that everyone could learn from. However, comments like “more soap, less stink” and “swim to Cuba” made by the conservatives certainly show a lack of concern about the issues at hand, and prove that those of them who gathered outside the Media and Public Affairs building the day of Bush’s visit have little information to support their cause. To me, their ignorance is only an assurance of just how wrong they actually are. Those who participated in the counteraction are an unfortunate group of mindless puppets in the political arena of GW’s campus, and continue to waste their valuable time on irrelevant matters that could be used for educational enrichment.

-Elizabeth Munsell
sophomore, Tufts University

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