Letter: Community ‘eyes and ears’

The University Police Department would like to applaud the efforts of A. Chace Wessling, who took it upon herself, as a GW community member, to ensure the safety of another individual who might have been in danger. In the Oct. 3 editorial (“Don’t sit on the sidelines,” p.5), Wessling explains how she saw someone who appeared to be under the influence of alcohol and in potential danger and took action by escorting that individual to safety. This instance is a perfect example of what UPD means when we say community members should take it upon themselves to be additional “eyes and ears” for the department.

We ask that all GW community members follow Wessling’s example by assisting UPD in being extra eyes and ears, taking action in instances where your own personal danger is not an issue, and immediately reporting any potentially dangerous situations to UPD. You may report these situations in a number of ways: by calling 994-6111, by using a campus emergency phone or by being a member of UPD’s Campus Watch program, where participants are issued Sprint PCS phones to report anything from security breaches on campus (e.g., an unsecured door) to instances of potential danger similar to the one described in the Oct. 3 letter to the editor.

-Dolores A. Stafford
Chief of the University Police Department

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