On the Radar

Sampling the diverse styles of the GW community is not an easy task. Styles and fashions among us span the tastes and looks of our student body. With each article of clothing we choose to put on we project a statement about who we are to the world. All of our past experiences, ethnicities, upbringings and varied backgrounds that make us unique all go into what we choose. “On the Radar” aims to show what styles and trends GW students are into on campus and around D.C., compare it to the real world and bring it all together again.
Our individual tastes range from thrift store chic to complete Gap ensembles, punk rock T-shirts to sweats, Dolce and Gabbana to J. Crew. A Hatchet team sampled 100 guys and 100 girls last week in classrooms, Funger Hall and mostly J Street. We asked the student body where they shop, what jeans they like, who does their shopping for them and what inspires their styles, among other questions to be featured in coming weeks.

Most popular places to shop

On the Radar:
1) Gap
2) J Crew
3) Banana Republic
Just under the radar: Thrift stores, Nordstrom’s, Footlocker,
Abercrombie & Fitch

What’s up:
1) Gap
2) Urban Outfitters
3) J Crew
What’s next: Neiman Marcus, French Connection, thrift stores

Most popular brands of jeans
On the fringe:
1) Gap
2) Diesel
3) Express
Runners up: Levis, Abercrombie & Fitch, Polo, Mavi

In the now:
1) Seven
2) Diesel
3) Gap
Honorable Mention: Express, Marc Jacobs, American Eagle, LEI, Michael Kors

Fashion Fact: 20% of the guys we sampled have their Mom’s or girlfriend’s assistance in their wardrobes.

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