Letter: Upgrade residence hall

The West End is in a perfect location, located on I Street in the middle of campus. You would think that with its prominent location across from Rice Hall, the administration would pay the building a little attention. No such luck! Many residents, including myself, are annoyed with the disordered state of the building.

The West End is not connected to the University’s fast Internet – residents must use their one phone line per apartment to dial up to the Internet. This is absurd considering that up to four students live in an apartment. To add insult to injury, the University will not even waive the cost to make a local call into an Internet Service Provider.

As for television, The West End does not get cable. Residents have been without cable since the beginning of the school year. The four channels that residents do receive are at best fuzzy – very rarely clear. Antique antennas arranged on the roof of the building control TV reception. In addition, the resident newspaper program, which provides residence halls with newspapers, does not even supply copies to the building. This really is a media-void dorm! We can not watch CNN or MSNBC, we cannot get a free copy of The New York Times or the Washington Post and we can’t easily tap into Internet news resources. Perhaps the University should fix the dorms that it already owns before it starts building new ones. Remember quality not quantity.

-Michael DeFusco

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