SA Senate Notes

Senate works to amend Act

Student Association senators said they are working toward passing amendments to the Financial Reform Act to alleviate a unique situation that had SA President Phil Robinson and the Senate filing suits and counter suits in Student Court.

Last week, Robinson announced filed against the Senate after they overrode his veto of the SA’s Financial Reform Act of 2002. He said he believed the bill posed unconstitutional checks on the executive branch’s financial power. After receiving note of the suit, Executive Vice President Eric Daleo and Senate leadership filed a counter-suit against Robinson.

Senators claimed that Vice President of Judicial and Legislative Affairs Justin Oshana, who is supposed to serve as the SA’s chief counsel in the event of a suit, should not be able to serve as Robinson’s chief counsel.

The court dismissed Daleo’s suit against Robinson Monday, later stating in Robinson v. Senate records that Oshana could serve as Robinson’s counsel provided he was not doing so as VPJLA.

During a three-week postponement of the suit, the Senate will, in an attempt to avoid any more litigation, be working to pass amendments to the financial reform act that Robinson will find acceptable.

“Anything that can take us out of court and help us return to working on student concerns will be at the top of our agenda,” Daleo said.

Councilman speaks about expansion

For the second time since 1997, City Councilman Jack Evans, the elected representative of the area including GW, Foggy Bottom and surrounding areas, spoke to Senate members about the University’s recent expansion at their meeting Tuesday night. While admitting he had worked against such efforts in previous years, Evans said he was now trying to work with the University administration. He said he thought community-GW relations will improve “if (the University) publicized what was going on a little better.”

Freshman senators confirmed

Non-voting freshman senators Anyah Dembling, Daniel Foster and Kris Kopra were also all confirmed at the meeting. The legislative body also approved Christy Odom, acting as Vice President of Public Affairs. The Senate’s next meeting will take place Oct. 28.

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