Letter: Should have boozed

If I was a drinker I would have bought a lot of alcohol in an attempt to get drunk and forget the sorry events of Midnight Madness. I am sure the rest of the GW population will agree with me, after all by the time we got to the count down there were only two people left – me and some old lady.

I think the only thing that was accomplished was the fact that the performances were so weak that they managed to jinx the men’s team, who knows that maybe a good jinxing is what they need to play ball.

What is the deal with the YMCA guy? You know, the guy that has the dummies attached to him and does all those funky dances. Is there a law somewhere on campus that requires the guy to perform every year?

It was cute a few years back, but come on, I was even dancing his routine before he got to them. Oh yeah, what about the hip-hop/basketball dribbling group? We could not land the Globetrotters so we settled for these guys? Granted the beat-box guy in the group was talented, even the tap dancer, although I was scared that he could develop a hernia with his vigorous body movements. However, the rest of the group was pathetic, they ran out of ball tricks and spent two minutes passing to each other. Plus what was up with the guy that was rapping for the group, he said something like “G-Dub, hail the buff and the blue, you know how we do.” What is that? Was that rapping? Come on! My grandmother has better flows than that.

Finally, what was the deal with the announcers. I could not make out what they were saying. It was like a bad day at MTV’s TRL – you know the girls come up and say “I wanna dedicate this to my girl Shia, cuz peanut butter and jelly smells like ham … wooo.” Yeah exactly, it makes no sense and we cannot understand it! At least we should have gotten some remotely articulate people.

I just hope that with all the pathetic events we did not manage to jinx the girl’s team. I think they warrant our attention a lot more.

-Ahmadu Garba

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