Letter: Mail woes continue

I commend the two Oct. 10 forum articles “Deliver mail on time, keep MC post office” and “Mail service should be accountable” (p.5). They pinpointed a major problem in our mail system. Many administrators dismiss complaints from students as whining and complaining – but the two writers offered valid options for correcting the problem.

I am still waiting for mail from my home state so I can register to vote. At this point, two weeks later, I may miss the deadline if the post does not arrive. I am also waiting on other mail that includes a paycheck and another with an application for a job. These are important pieces of mail. For mail coming to D.C., it should not take the two weeks I’ve been waiting. New Hampshire is not so far away that mail should take nearly this long.

I understand the issues of student security in sorting mail. I even accept that mail needs to be contracted out. But why not have the U.S. Postal Service do what they are meant to do and actually deliver the mail to our residence halls? If the University needs to pay them, it cannot be much more expensive than the current “solution.” We pay a lot for services to the University, I should not have to also pay for the loss of my privilege to vote, no paycheck and a late application.

-Erin Fitzpatrick

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