Letter: Uneducated petitioning

I entered the Marvin Center to buy a drink from Starbucks Coffee. Some kid asked, “Can you sign a petition to stop the stoning of a woman in Nigeria?” That struck a nerve because I grew up in Nigeria. I listened as the so-called activists told students about the government’s plans to stone a woman for infidelity.

I was very much angered because these GW Amnesty International activists did not have their facts straight and they were misleading the rest of the misinformed public. I stopped to ask one of them about their “cause” and they could not even answer my simple questions on the facts of what they were fighting for. How can you petition people when you don’t even understand the cause you are fighting for? I do not support the stoning of the Nigerian woman and neither does the Nigerian government. There is a thing called Sharia Law that the Northern states, which are predominantly Muslim, have adopted. Due to the convoluted history of Nigeria’s tender political system, the government is fighting an uphill battle. If GW’s Amnesty International chapter is interested in a quick history lesson, they can call me up and I will be sure to educate them.

-Ahmadu Garba

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