Letter: Defending Jimmy

“All I want is a big headliner,” complains Ahmadu Garba in his letter to the editor “Eat Something Else” (Sept. 23, p.4).

Let’s clear something up. Jimmy Eat World’s platinum self-titled album has been in the Billboard’s top 100 for the last 51 weeks (52 weeks is a year). Their Pollstar performance index is higher than such acts as Nelly, Creed, and Phish. Singles such as “Sweetness” and “The Middle” have respectively reached the number two and five spots on the Billboard charts.

According to Ahmadu, however, the justification for his statement stems from his inability to understand the band’s name, the fact that “some kid said the crowd was lame” and that PB does not poll any of his friends. While I cannot help you with the confusing name, I can refer you to our Web site (pb.gwu.edu) where you and your friends can vote on the type of musical act you would like to see on campus. As for the kid who said the crowd was lame – the two others interviewed thought “Jimmy Eat World rocked.”

Nonetheless, I apologize for what you refer to as a “recent debacle” in your life. Feel free to come by our office and I will be happy to offer you a T-shirt in exchange for more of your logic.

-Bryan Gless,
Program Board Executive Chair

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