Battle of the sexes

Q: I have a guy friend who lives halfway across the world who calls and e-mails me all the time to tell me that he loves me and wants to travel with me when I get out of school. Now that I’m a senior, I really don’t know what to do. Should I travel with him, or should I stay here like most of my friends and find a job or go to grad school? -Faraway Friend

CHICK: Let me ask you a few questions first. Do you want to travel with him? Do you love him? In the end it shouldn’t matter what your friends do. After all, you should be living your own life. As Madonna once wisely said, “To me, being a brush stroke in someone else’s painting is a little difficult.” But on to more practical matters, what I recommend is that you visit your friend this summer, travel a little and see how things go. If all goes well, then you can make arrangements to stay longer and take things from there. In the meantime, keep in touch with him but also keep your options open. Good luck!

DICK: If he’s paying, then you’ve got to do it. Even if he is a psycho stalker, what’s better than seeing the world? It’s definitely better than having a job or going to graduate school. If he is not paying and you can afford to travel, then you should take the opportunity. When else will you be able to travel so freely?

Q: I am having major problems with one of my roommates. For the past two weeks now she’s been bringing home guys to hook up/sleep with, which I guess would be fine if she ever asked how our other roommate and I felt about it. I just hate waking up every morning and having to get ready for classes with a strange guy in our room! What do I do?
-Tired of Being Sexiled

CHICK: You definitely need to schedule a time to talk with your roommate other than the moment of surprise when she first sashays in with her latest flavor of the week. I suggest you arrange something with her and your other roommate and tell her how you feel. Figure out what part of the situation makes you uncomfortable. Are you nervous that one of these guys will steal something? Do you not want to wake up in the morning, looking gross with morning breath and zit cream smeared over your face, and then bump into Mr. What’s His Name? Whatever the problem is, try to work out some compromises. Ask her to warn you in advance that a guy is dropping by or plan certain “guy free” nights when she can go to his room if she wants to hook up. Hopefully she’ll respect you enough to listen and agree to some terms. After all, it is your room, too. This way when you have your own boy toy to waltz in with, you know that you’re not making your other roommates feel uneasy.

DICK: Honestly, GW is ranked the sixth unhappiest school. The only thing your roommate is doing is trying to improve the GW environment, one boy at a time. She doesn’t keep you up with a squeaky bed or loud moaning, so it really isn’t that bad. The only inconvenience is changing in the morning. So go in the bathroom or closet, no big deal. To make the guy really happy, change in front of him! The best thing you can do is try to get even. Bring more boys home so she feels the same way. If you loosen the bolts on your bed, it will squeak more and help your cause. Think of it this way, you and your roommate will be doing a service for the GW community.

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