Letter: Eat something else

Jimmy Eat World. Let us take a moment to carefully ponder what that means. To be able to eat the world you have to be larger than the world, meaning that this band is larger than life as we know it … ha! I saw a quote in the article (“Mellow crowd marks Superfest,” Sept. 23, p. 2) in which some kid said the crowd was lame. Of course the crowd was lame. Was I the only person that thought this sorry band did not deserve our attention? I think not.

The fact that the crowd was not responsive should be a good indicator to show that the Program Board really struck out on this one. I keep hearing PB representatives claim that students want more rock acts. To them I ask, what students? I’m a student and no one has solicited my opinion. I know a lot of people around campus and no one has solicited their opinion, so where are they getting their data? If you noticed the crowds when Busta Rhymes or Cypress Hill performed, everyone was into it, jumping and singing the lyrics, whereas at this recent debacle, I was ready to pitch a tent and call it a night on the Quad, it was that boring.

I don’t care if a rock group plays or if a rap group plays, all I want is a big headliner, someone that makes the students excited, just as Busta Rhymes did. So I think Jimmy Eat World should go on a diet and start off with an apple or maybe a bagel. After that they should try eating their own hometown before they attempt eating D.C., because we are not having it.

-Ahmadu Garba

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