Letter: Excercise, not lawyers

“Professor sues McDonald’s” (Sept. 16, p. 11) is off the mark in the way it charges McDonald’s with responsibility for overweight children. It ignores the reality of lazy, modern mobility. Kids no longer walk or hike – why should they? Their families own three automobiles and sidewalks and crossings have been made hazardous by increased road “improvements.”

Everyone would benefit by mounting a bicycle or walking (indeed, an underrated exercise activity) to a destination or transit stop. The next step is to sell one of the family’s cars, and then cancel membership at the health club. A major change in lifestyle is crucial and would render diet protocols of far less importance.

To our ancestors, physical exertion was not only necessary, but also routine. Some semblance of this routine should return.
Meanwhile, McDonald’s is to be thanked for their more humane treatment of chickens, the elimination of trans-fatty acids (shortening) from their fries and the elimination of margarine in favor of butter.

-Edward Abramic
Foggy Bottom resident

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