Letters: Unsatisfied printer

I have recently come to learn of another infamous GW policy regarding a 7-cent charge for each side of paper printed at the computer labs. We all know that GW has chosen this path as a quick fix rather than reevaluating the entire budget for the university. We know that this unfairly charges students who A) are on financial aid, B) are more academically inclined and C) all students who already pay $39,000 for the “privilege” of attending one of the nation’s top universities. GW claims to be working for the best interest of all students, but since I have been enrolled here, I have felt that the number one priority has been to drain the last cent out of my family.

I have learned from the most amazing professors, met the most intriguing students and challenged myself in all arenas. And yet, now as a senior, I am inclined to think about how GW (who brags its greatness in all brochures, newspapers, Web sites and parent handbooks) promises to work with its students, but actually treats them as if they were a hindrance to carrying out a successful business. Yes, GW must work in a professional structure, but what business thrives without the satisfaction of its customers?

-Sarah Ortega

The e-mail (sent by the University) about the printing fee claims that the printing cost has been instituted because students are printing excess pages. What happened to the policy instituted last year that put printing caps on students and charged them after they printed a certain amount? Did this policy fail? By how much?
Does the number of allotted pages need to be cut down? Why was there no mention of it in this most recent e-mail? It is almost as if this policy never existed and students have been getting free printing all along. This is most definitely not the case.

As a student, I use the printer services in the library. I use them for research and for printing out final papers. As a creative writing minor, I have been required in my classes to print out copies (sometimes multiple) for every member of my class. For the last two years, I have been printing out a copy and then paying for it to be photocopied. Now I have to pay to print out the original as well? I find this appalling. Furthermore, I was under the impression that attached to my tuition was a fee that paid for my use of the library. Does this fee not include printer costs?

I just hope that the debit dollar machines in the library aren’t out of service for months at a time like they are every year. I’m 21 years old and I’m graduating in a year. The job market is terrible and I’m trying to save all that I can. I don’t have 7 cents to spend on printing and I’m tired of the university taking my money and not explaining how they can afford to take over every apartment complex in the surrounding area, but not give me free paper in the library.

-Jessica Erali

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