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Run in two special issues and get 10% off
Run in three special issues and save 15%
Run in all four spring special issues and receive a 20% discount!
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Welcome Back Guide
Monday, Aug. 26th

Re-introduce your business to the GW community! Welcome GW’s 22,000 students to campus and get an early start on their shopping and entertainment needs. Distributed during move-in week, before cafeterias open and classes begin.
Deadline: Thursday, Aug. 22nd.

Fall Jobs Guide
Monday, Sept. 16th

Attract the best and brightest employees! Reach 22,000 students in need of money and experience. Most students have at least one job or internship a year to pay bills and/or prepare for a career. GW students work are all over town, from restaurants and bars to Capitol Hill and the White House. Hire them while their looking!
Ad deadline: Thursday, Sept. 12th.

Family / Colonials Weekend Issue
Thursday, October 10th

This popular weekend just got better ~ GW has combined family weekend with alumni reunions! Reach parents, students and alumni in search of fine dining, shopping and entertainment! Let parents know where to dine, shop and what to do with their underclassmen during this extended weekend visit.
Ad deadline: Monday, Oct. 7th.

GW Basketball Preview
Monday, November 11th

Show your GW spirit and get noticed by supporting the GW Colonials! Cheer on GW’s top teams and spirited spectators as they begin the season, with a GW Colonial booster ad in this most popular fall issue. Ad deadline: Thursday, Nov. 7th.
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Last Issue Of The Fall Semester
Monday, December 9th

This issue has one of the longest shelf lives, staying on the stands through finals and Christmas Break. Be sure to advertise your holiday specials in this issue! Receive an extra 10% off for this issue only! Contact an Ad Rep for details.
Ad deadline: Thursday December 5th.

First Day Of Spring Classes
Monday, January 13th

Advertise in the first issue of the semester, and start things off right!
Ad deadline: Thursday, January 9th.

Valentine’s & Restaurant Guide
February 10 & 13, 2003

This is the perfect issue to highlight your business, as many of GW’s 9,000 undergraduates will be pairing up for a night out on the town. Whether with friends or that special someone, give our students a range of options, from cozy fireside dinners to a night of dancing to the latest music and best DJs. Flowers, tuxedos, hair and nail salons, restaurants, bars clubs, taxi services, museums, galleries, and more! GW students will be looking for your help in planing their special night. This year, we’re trying something NEW! This Special Issue will actually be split into TWO! Each issue will qualify for the Special Issue Discount (with some limitations for Monday’s). Advertise in both and receive 10% OFF! Monday will contain our Features Section, full of Valentine’s Day related articles, while Thursday will contain our annual Valentine’s Messages!
Deadline: Thursday, February 6 & Monday, February 10, 2003

April Fool’s Edition
March 31, 2003
(This issue is NOT included in special issue discounts)

Of all the issues each year, this is by far the most fun, most read, and most controversial! Each year the GW HAtchet publishes the April Fool’s Edition, a tradition started years ago. In this issue, which is a spoof from cover to classifieds, past headlines have included: “[George W.] Bush Busted At Frat Party” and “King Of Beers Dethrones Coke on Campus”. An ad in this edition will definately been seen over and over again!
Deadline: Thursday, March 27, 2003

Summer Job Guide
April 14, 2003

This is a great issue to advertise you summer positions as well as internships and other opportunities! Many of GW’s students are excited to stay in Washington over the summer, but city life isn’t free! Be sure to advertise in this issue to attract the best and brightest of the community!
Deadline: Thursday, April 10, 2003

Last Day of Spring Classes
May 1, 2003

This issue will be the last regular issue of the Spring Semester, and will remain on stands as they last. Advertise in this issue to leave a lasting impression on GW students. Students returning home will have you fresh in their minds when they return in August, students staying on campus this summer will be looking for your ad, and graduates will take you along with them into their professional or post-graduate lives!
Deadline: Monday, April 28, 2003

Commencement Guide
May 12, 2003

This issue will highlight the lives of our graduates, with memories from the last 4 years at GW. THis guide will be a keepsake for lots of graads, and is sure to be read by many parents, family and friends. It will also include photos and articles from Commencement Ceremonies on the Elipse.
Deadline: Thursday, May 8, 2003

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