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Display Advertising/ROP

(run of paper) boxed ads & inserts Our open net rate for ROP is $11.50/column inch.
All ads require a signed and approved advertising contract or insertion order form. Call the Business Office BEFORE the Advertising Deadline (Mondays & Thursdays @ 5:00 PM) to obtain the proper form and make payment arrangements. DO NOT E-MAIL YOUR AD WITHOUT COMPLETING AND RETURNING THE SIGNED CONTRACT OR I.O. FORM. For standard sizes and one time cost see the charts below. We offer frequency discounts and volume contracts ranging from 5-20% off the open rate. Metro area retail advertisers may take an additional 10% off for pre-payment. For more information on display advertising rates & discounts call the business office:

Retail / Agency
GW University
Advertising FAX LINE
(202) 994-7682
(202) 994-7080
(202) 994-1309

Pre-printed Inserts ~ Fees:
$65/thousand for a single sheet; $70/thousand for 2-4 pages;
add $5 for each additional 4 pages/thousand copies.
There is a 15% premium fee for brokered ad space in pre-printed advertising inserts.
Local inserts: 6,000 copy min. and 10,500 copy max.; National inserts are full run only.
Pre-printed inserts must be scheduled 10 days in advance with the Business Mgr. (202) 994-4373; and an advance copy must be received and approved 7 days in advance of requested run date. Inserts must meet our general advertising guidelines, available under the Proofing Policy on the Policies page of our Media Kit (see above for pdf version).

Column Widths

Page size is 5 columns wide by 16″ tall.

Columns Inches Inches Picas
1 & 15/16
6 & 1/16
8 & 1/8
10 & 3/16

Standard Sizes & Camera Ready (pdf format) Prices

Sizes Retail Univ.
1/16 page 2 columns x 2″ tall = 4 column inches $46.00 $36.00
1/10 page 2 columns x 4″ tall = 8 column inches $92.00 $72.00
1/8 page 2 columns x 5″ tall = 10 column inches $115.00 $90.00
1/5 page 2 columns x 8″ tall = 16 column inches $184.00 $144.00
1/4 page 3 columns x 6″ tall = 18 column inches $207.00 $162.00
super 1/4 page 3 columns x 8″ tall = 24 column inches $276.00 $216.00
1/2 page vertical 3 columns x 13″ tall = 39 column inches $448.50 $351.00
1/2 page vertical 4 columns x 10″ tall = 40 column inches $460.00 $360.00
1/2 page horiz. 5 columns x 8″ tall = 40 column inches $460.00 $360.00
Junior page 4 columns x 13″ tall = 52 column inches $598.00 $468.00
Full page 5 columns x 16″ tall = 80 column inches $920.00 $720.00
Back page 5 column x 16″ tall = 80 column inches $1,012.00 $792.00

We ONLY accept ads via e-mail or on disk, with a signed Hatchet Advertising Contract or approved Insertion Order form, sent via fax or mail – both by the published advertising deadline.Fax contracts/insertion order forms to: (202) 994-1309, AND e-mail your ad to:
Classified/employment ads:
Display ads (in PDF or EPS format only):
Display ads (in other formats or needing to be typeset):
University display ads (in other formats or needing to be typeset):
We fully support & strongly recommend you use Adobe Acrobat Distiller
software to create PDF format documents

We can import TIFF and JPEG files. We also accept ads on: floppy disk, zip disk and CD Rom (preferrably MAC format). We can read MS Word 97/98 and Quark Express files. (Use collect for output function in Quark.)


Graphics should be at least 180 dpi or greater resolution.
We do not accept ads over 5MB in size by e-mail. You may, however, submit the ad copy and any graphic files and we will typeset the ad for you.
QUESTIONS – CALL the Business Office and ask for Production: (202) 994-7079
[Mon-Fri 10 AM – 5 PM]

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