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GW preps for Colonial Inauguration

Colonial Cabinet members and staffers said they are busily preparing to give freshmen a taste of GW life next week with the first Colonial Inauguration session set for June 16-18.

Although the 32 cabinet members and staffers have been training part-time since January, they started 12-hour training days June 1.

Cabinet members will perform skits about “college problems” like racism and homophobia and lead small groups similar to past years. Freshmen will also hear from faculty and staff from a range of University departments and “Crossfire” broadcasts are blocked off for freshmen and their families, said Staffer Coordinator Michele Milberg said.

Senior CI cabinet member Josh Rothstein said the past week has been “busy” as he has been in the office from “like eight in the morning until 11 at night” answering parent phone calls and finalizing program details. Rothstein said freshmen can expect a few changes this year, and he is glad to have been able to “make (CI) even more effective.”

He said the 2,200 expected attendees will be split among five CI sessions, plus one in August for international and transfer students. Last year the August CI was open to all students.

Cabinet members’ duties include leading small groups, performing in skits and helping students with their schedules while staffers work at the information desk and run the sibling program.

Rothstein said training included more guest speakers this year, including girls’ basketball coach Joe McKeown, who talked about teamwork.

“(With CI) it’s a lot about teamwork,” Rothstein said. “And working with each other and relying on your fellow co-workers.”

The CI schedule for the summer is:

CI One: June 16-June 18

CI Two: June 21-June 23

CI Three: June 26-June 28

CI Four: June 30-July 2

CI Five: July 8-July 10

International and Transfer CI: August 29-30

-Julie Gordon

Party animals stampede D.C. and GW

A colorful donkey and elephant arrived outside the 21st Street side of Kogan Plaza last month as GW became one of more than 100 sponsors of “Party Animals” to benefit a local arts charity.

The elephant, named “Capitol Parade,” is adorned with a replication of the Capitol building dome. The donkey, “Donkey of a Different Color,” is painted in the splatter style of the artist Pollak.

The animals, now placed around the city, will be auctioned in the fall to benefits the D.C. Commission on the Arts and Humanities. A map detailing all of the animals’ locations is available at all Metro stations.

Other cities across the country and around the world have adopted the trend. New York and Chicago have featured cows, Cincinnati had pig statues across the city and even Jerusalem is graced with lions.

Candidates, groups or residents can adopt an animal for $2,000 to $20,000, and, depending on the amount donated, choose a location or artist for the 4.5- by 5-foot sculpture.

“I think they’re so cute and it’s right down the street from our hippo, so it’s kind of like a little menagerie,” said GW public affairs specialist Nikki Ferramosca

-Kate Stepan

Celebrated journalist to recount Watergate coverage

Celebrated Washington Post journalists Bob Woodward and Ben Bradlee will recount their coverage of the Watergate scandal June 17 at noon in the Media and Public Affairs auditorium.

They will be speaking about their experiences on the 30th anniversary of the break-in that led to the resignation of President Richard Nixon.

Woodward wrote a series of stories with Carl Bernstein revealing that the burglars involved in Watergate received orders from the White House, eventually leading to the jailing of top advisers and Nixon’s resignation in August 1974.

Bradlee served as Washington Post executive editor at the time and stood behind printing stories about the break-in and government cover-ups against great external pressures.

Woodward has visited GW before to speak to the Watergate Living Learning Community in the Hall on Virginia Avenue.

Free tickets for the event are available beginning Monday in the GW Marvin Center Ticketmaster office.

-Mosheh Oinounou

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