Another odd couple

An uptight British guy teamed with a wily street hustler to save the world? Parents hide your children, the hilarity inherent in the clash of their personalities is too much to handle. I’ll admit, it sounds bad, but Bad Company isn’t actually as bad as it could be.

Jack Hayes (Chris Rock) is a young ticket scalper and street hustler. Gaylord Oakes (Anthony Hopkins) is a government agent on a deadly CIA mission. Seem like team to you?

So here’s the deal: An elite CIA agent dies in the midst of an important operation led by Oakes. In an attempt to salvage the mission, and save the country, Oakes taps Hayes, the conveniently present twin brother of the fallen solider.

This movie’s got an uphill battle to fight. Characterized by its contrived style and painfully formulaic plot, the film is anything but innovative. So how does it work? Well, truth be told, it has just enough explosions and witty banter to keep its audience.

The film’s true saving grace is Hopkins. His performance boasts well-timed comedic quips and actions, executed with a seemingly unshakable wit.

Hopkins’ ability to dish out the punches comes as quite the surprise. Hopkins finds himself in a fewcompromising positions that necessitate some serious butt-kicking.

Rock’s performance as a whole is not impressive, simply mediocre. Those expecting the over-the-top Rock, present in other action/comedies like Lethal Weapon 4, should expect woeful disappointment.

To be honest, this movie won’t be up for any awards and it’ll be lucky to pull even a moderate crowd at the box office. But call it a guilty pleasure if you want, I think it’s worth a gander. Fans of Hopkins and Rock might want to check this one out sometime soon. For everyone else, there’s no hurry, wait for it to makes its migration to the Blockbuster bargain bin and pick it up.

Bad Company is in theatres now.

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