Life Lessons

“I make sure they’ve never done it on ‘South Park’, That’s my only real reference these days.”
-Danny DeVito, on the subject of inspiration

“The best thing about kilts is you don’t have to take anything down to pee. You can stand right at the keg and take care of your business, then grab another beer.”
-Steve Jackson, The Pietatsers’ lead singer, on fashion

“The one thing I’ve noticed is that there is a need for a cathartic laugh, a release. There’s also a need to deal and heal and work together.”
-Robin Williams, on empathy and caring in times of trouble

“It’s a great lesson in life. You grow a beard, stop washing your hair, and you start smelling like a homeless man. That equals charisma. Who knew?”
-E, The Eels’ lead singer, on grooming

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